Caribbean Nights Lyrics

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words & music by Bob Corbin
pub. by Sabal Music,(ASCAP)

Sailor Joe on the seven seas, knows all the port o'call bars
From Bangor to Capetown, Shanghai to Zanzibar
And the ladies they all love Sailor Joe,
They love his pretty blonde curls
Sailor Joe, he's a man you know,
So he loves all the native girls
Oh, those bright lights, Caribbean nights
Drinkin' Puerto Rican rum
And the ladies, they all line the shore
Whenever the big ship comes
Oh, those bright lights, Caribbean nights

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The sailor he's a little bit drunk
And the lady in the bandana dress says,
Hey, sailor, do you wanna have fun
Sweet little Rita saw Sailor Joe, walking in the tropical night
The look in his eyes set her heart on fire, she knew it was love at first sight
Sweet little Rita and Sailor Joe, strolling along hand in hand
Down through the village, out to the sea, to make sweet love in the sand
Sailor Joe, he don't sail no more, give up his life on the sea
To settle down in a little town and with sweet Rita get married
Pretty soon, Rita and Joe, they have themselves a son,
They named him Joseph Sanchez Miguel Jose' Daniel McMunn