Every Stranger Has A Story Lyrics

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Bob Corbin, Randy Van Warmer (Bro N' Sis Music,BMI;Coljes,BMI;
Dixie Stars Music/Vanwarmer Music,ASCAP ) 1995

Stand on any corner, on any street in any town
Choose any one you see, pick any face out of the crowd
If you could take a look inside, read the pages like a book
You'd see passion and desire, fury and fire
Anywhere you care to look
Every stranger has a story, every heart has a tale to tell
Every life has it's pain and glory, a fall from grace, an escape from hell
Every stranger has a story, so listen well

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You walk right by someone, you don't know where he's been
What he's seen and what he's done, or what's been done to him
Don't judge him by his cover, all that glitters isn't gold
For every line in his face, there's a time and place
When his blood ran hot or his luck ran cold
Every stranger has a story...
From the first cry, to the final sigh, like actor in a play
The scenes unfold, the story's told, a page is turned each passing day
Every stranger has a story...