Everyone Knows I'm Yours Lyrics

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I'm giving up being blue and I can say to you
That I've been ever so sure I am in love with you
Everyone knows that I'm yours

They've been some lonely times
They weren't the only times I've been in need of a cure
I know what I need and now everyone knows that I'm yours

Why do you love me like I am the man
Who can give you whatever you need?
Why do you treat me like I am the man of your dreams

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Why do you please me and tenderly tease me
And love me like never before
I don't deserve you but everyone knows I'm yours
Everybody knows I'm yours

You think like a woman and move like a woman
And speak with a feminine sound
You give me the notion that you'll always want me around

I've got a feeling I'll never be dealing with anyone loving me more
I checked with some friends and they all seem to know I'm yours
Everybody knows I'm yours everybody knows I'm yours