Jesus & Me Lyrics

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words & music by BobCorbin , Mike Vale
pub. by Bocor Music, (BMI) 1998

There she goes again, sittin' up all night with a friend,
I'm just amazed at the kindness she shows,
I guess she's the best person I've ever known,
Here I am again, all alone with a bottle of gin,
Convincin' myself her stories are true,
If I have doubts, I know what to do,
I'll just keep drinkin' til I change my view
We're two of a kind, Jesus and me,
Jesus forgives, I pretend I don't see,

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I don't ask questions and He doesn't tell
And I'll probably follow that woman to hell
Along about 3:45, her car pulls into the drive,
She said, she had a friend with a spiritual plight,
She's been castin' out demons all night,
I believe her, I do
One look at her and I know it's true,
Cause her make-up's all smeared and her hair, it's a sin,
Though some men might wonder where she's really been,
I know fights with demons ain't easy to win