Livin' My Life Out Loud Lyrics

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words & music by Bob Corbin, Gene Ellsworth, Bat McGrath
pub. by Bocor Music, (BMI)
pub. by Taylor Street Music, (ASCAP)
pub. by Wanted Woman Music, (BMI)

It's easy to say what you should've said,
But if the moment passes, the words fall dead,
When the one you meant to say them to is gone,
I didn't know back then what I know right now,
Couldn't find the right words to say somehow,
I was afraid what ever I'd say was wrong, but from now on
I'm livin' my life out loud, with every chance I take,
A voice that stands out in the crowd , gonna' go with the moves I make,

[lyrics was taken from] I might stumble, I might fall down,
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Nothin' can stop me as long as I hear that sound,
I'm livin' my life out loud
The only choice that's ever wrong, is to never make a choice at all
For you and me, right now the choice is clear
When I look in your eyes, I can see a light
We could fly away together into the night
The only thing that can stop us now is fear, right now, right here
If we let the moment pass, it won't come again
And all we'll have left is what might have been
It all comes down to what we do right here, right now, right here.