My Heart Can Take A Hit Lyrics

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words & music by Bob Corbin
pub. by Bocor Music, (BMI) 1999

I can see it comin', I know what you're gonna do,
It's the same old writing on a different wall,
I don't wanta spoil your fun, but it ain't nothin' new
I guess by now I know how to fall
My heart can take a hit, this ain't my first rodeo,
I've been thrown a time or two, I won't let the pain show,

[lyrics was taken from] I won't get mean, I won't cause a scene,
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I ain't gonna pitch a fit,
Go ahead, baby, fire away,
My heart can take a hit
Hey, it ain't no big deal baby, I'll get by,
The world won't stop turnin' when you're gone,
These aren't tears, there's just somethin' in my eye,
But I wish you'd go, while I'm still holdin' on