Oklahoma Crude Lyrics

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words & music by Bob Corbin
pub. by Sabal Music Inc. (ASCAP)

There's people coming every day out to the promised lands
Across the deserts and the mountains to hold the sunshine in their hands
But L.A. she's a hard one and she sure knows what to do
Take your pride and your hunger
Twist 'em up and turn em back on you
Well, I'm Oklahoma crude
And I'm Arkansas contrary
Found true love in Louisiana
And I found God up in Missouri
Hollywood's a painted woman,

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But her words of love aren't true
And the Valley just ain't home
When you're Oklahoma crude
I left my folks just south of Tulsa
Lost a girl from Baton Rouge
Pack my guitar and my blue jeans
Go out west to sing my tunes
But the boulevards and bright lights
They can make a grown man cry
I'm headin' East on U.S. 40
Let those palm trees wave goodbye