Pittsville Drum & Bugle Corp Lyrics

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He wakes up every Sunday morning with a smile on his face
Today's the day he's always waitin' for
He cleans his bugle and packs it in it's case
He's in the Pittsville Drum and Bugle Corp
They've played every parade from here to Buffalo
Jay Cee's always ask 'em back for more
They know every football field everywhere they go
Pittsville Drum And Bugle Corp
Don't ask him what he's in this business for
Everybody knows they don't get paid
When those girls stand along the street
And watch him marching by
Sometimes they smile and they wave
They practice every Thursday till the sun sets in the west
Fame and fortune isn't what they're lookin' for

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They smile at one another 'cause they know that they're the best
Pittsville Drum And Bugle Corp
You'll often see him in the music store
Playin' the one he'd like to own
And the old man in the back
Puts the music on the rack
And recalls the famous buglers he's known
He wakes up Monday morning
Feeling good about his life
Back from a three day county tour
Travelin' with a woman
That he hopes to make his wife
She's in the Pittsville Drum And Bugle Corp