Poncho Lyrics

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words & music by Dave Hanner
pub. by Sabal Music, Inc. (ASCAP)

Poncho, don't you like me no more
Poncho, to me our friendship means more
Poncho, please forget what I said
Cause Poncho we're headin' towards our end
I remember the first time when you came to town
Speaking in Spanish making the rounds
When you first saw me your face was a grin
Then you called me The Cisco Kid

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I say someday you'll be happy with me, Poncho
I remember the good times when you loved me so
I gave you my hat and wore your sombrero
All of the times that you saved me from death
Oh Poncho you were the best
I had a black horse and you had a gray
My horse was faster but yours did okay
When it came to chasin' rustlers we'd always win
Cause we're Poncho and The Cisco Kid
We're Poncho and The Cisco Kid
Oh poncho we're headin' towards our end