Scooter Michael Danny And Me Lyrics

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We'd head straight from school down to the poolhall
Shoot games of eight ball and play the machines
Go cruising on weekends in a patched up old Plymouth
We'd chip in for gas the fun was for free
And the river it wound through the heart of our town
We swore we'd all follow it down to the sea
Life was so simple and each day was magic
For Scooter and Michael and Danny and me

We drank our first beers down by the river
Tellin' lies about girls and the things that we'd done
Football and fist fights four birds of a feather
One for all and all were for one
And the river it wound...

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We were captured in time one bright summer's day
That black and white photograph's all that remains
Days turn to years boys turn to men
And the past is a place you can't go to again

Scooter is gone he died in a car crash
Michael's in business too busy for me
Danny's a lifer somewhere in the army
And I'm here where I never dreamed I would be
Oh the river it wound...
For Scooter and Michael Danny and me