This Side Of Town Lyrics

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Dave Hanner (Play On Publishing,ASCAP) 1997

The corner drugstore just changed hands
The Starlight Hotel has bluegrass bands
There've been a lot of changes
Since you stopped comin' around, comin' around
Things just aren't the same
On this side , this side of town
I hear you're doing well in the business world
They sometimes mention you're a local girl
And people ask me
When will you be comin' down, comin' down

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On this side, this side of town
Familiar faces and familiar places can
Sometimes leave me feeling so alone
They're breaking ground out in the West End
The Starlight Hotel was sold again
I know you're happy
But if you're ever feelin' down, just a little down
I'd sure love to see you
On this side, this side of town
Come on around---this side of town