Workin' My Way Down Lyrics

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Bob Corbin,Earl Thomas Conley, Bat McGrath (Coljes, BMI;
Harris-Gordon Music,ASCAP; Millermoo/Wanted Woman Music, BMI )1997

I shoulda' paid more attention, but I was livin' too high
I could say I had good intentions, but that just won't fly
Now I'm slowly makin' my descent
Gettin' closer to the ground
Don't know where I'm gonna land
But I'm workin' my way down

[lyrics was taken from] You tried to tell but I wouldn't listen, I had something to prove
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But out beyond that lost horizon, I started missing you
Now I'm slowly makin' my descent...
Sometimes life can leave you so confused
But love will make you face the humble truth
Lookin' back, it ain't easy, I see the damage I've done
The storm has passed and in the clearing, you're the only one
Now I'm slowly makin' my descent...