Charles Gibbs Lyrics

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Charles Gibbs
Words and Music Chris Foster
Copyright May 3rd 2003

Terror on the high seas wrought by Charles Gibbs
Brandishing his sword in pirate fame
For wealth that surfed the currents between the old world and the new
Countless were the victims that he claimed

A modus operandi of debauchery and greed
No prisoners were the words of his command
A cruel and vicious person with a gross incessant need
To claim the life of every single hand

They would hoist their mighty sails under the black flag
Catch a trade wind to their date with infamy
On a mission to destroy every time that they deployed
They lived a vile evil life of treachery

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He sailed the Florida Straits searching for his prey
Stealing all the treasures from their fold
This madman on a mission would abscond with what he claimed
Pavilion key was where he stored his gold.

His ship would pull along side and tie their ropes to fore and aft
They'd swing aboard with lust and greedy hearts
They'd rape and murder woman and torture all the men
Then throw their bloody carcass to the sharks.

Repeat chorus
Sax solo

To romanticize a pirate is to make a mockery of life
The Dark ages from our past in maritime
But good traverses evil, so let the record show
Charles Gibbs was hung at the age 29

Repeat Chorus