Dig Down Lyrics

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When you pray You d better be on your knees
Cuz the good lord ain t got time for you if you don t quite believe
And when you stand up
You better straighten you back
Cuz your pride is everything you have
Or everything you lack

So don t bother sayin what you don t mean now
And don t bother playin unless you play to win

When you breathe you d better take it all in
Cuz you re one of the livin
Don t you forget it
Standing on the sidelines is a sin

Stand up Dig Down
Face the light of day
Hold on Hold out
Turn and swing away
Bring it on

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Never run away
Dig down deep inside and find the strength to stay

There s a truth only known by a few
It s that all that you are all that you have is decided by a voice
Inside of you that says


And when it s time for you to let it all go
You ve gotta face the lord
Face yourself
And on that day you ll wanna know
That you did


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