Little Dance Lyrics

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Curly hair swaying with the wind from your spins
Your feet stomp the floor as the beat comes in
And you move so fast
Ballerina in a big bedroom

There's sweat on your forehead
Your hairs all damp
And you re singing along
Though you can t quite talk yet
The sound and the scene
Are like heaven to me
Like heaven to me

I love watching you grow tall
But it's happening too fast
Pictures only go so far
And I want this memory to last

So do your little dance...
Baby do your little dance

It's like watching animation

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Got a face full of stories
Never have to wonder bout your mood 'cause you tell me
You re meaner than you are tall
Pretty girl
I hope you're always that strong

Dancing in the lamp light
A theme song plays
Silky pink pajama top
Both hands raised
I realize-
All I ever wanna be-
Is there for you when you ever need me

There are gonna be many sleepless nights
I can see it when I look in your eyes
I ll just have to hope I raised you right
And I know someday too soon
All the boys will wanna dance with you
I ll just have to hope you ll dance with me, too.

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